Mülleimer komplett!

Den Deckel stiftet Omar Hakim* (Zitat aus „The Cymbal Book“ by Hugo Pinksterboer, Seite 33),  den passenden Eimer dazu entdecke ich gerade in diesem Filmchen:

*>>One well-known example, which was frequently used in avant-garde and jazz setups in the mid-eighties, was the garbage-can lid. Omar Hakim, at one time was looking for an instrument that could actually simulate the handclaps sound of a drum computer: „We banged on everything in Joe Zawinul’s house and his backyard, and then I said ‚garbage-can lids‘. To his wife’s dismay, Joe got the garbage-can lid out of his backyard. He drilled a hole in it, we put it on a stand, and I used it on that tune. I ve gone through a few since then. They bend up and then they’re dead. The trash goes away…“<<

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