look at improvisation as a game

Jojo Mayer hat für den tollen Ted Talk  „A Plea for Improvisation“ mal wieder ein Pitch-Delay und Hallpedal aufgebaut. Das gefällt mir sehr, seine Statements fast noch mehr*:

Hey, auch Jochen Rückert garniert heuer sein Getrommel mit Dubechos. Top!

Und Joe Clegg entdeckt die Stärke des Moog Chorus, Space Echo ist ebenfalls an.

* nach dem Effektgehasche hier mein J. M. Notizzettel:
>>improvisation as a useful idea for everyone

performing without preparation? Indeed the preparation is acquiring a state of mind that allows us to function without the security of a preset protocol.
to have the freedom to visualize, recognize & exploit unexpected oportunities at the spur of the moments.
look at improvisation as a game – you get better by playing

improvisation is real time problem solving: a technique to create order from chaos

improvisation as response to a new cultural challenge, the challenge of an increasingly unpredictable and fast approching future
improvisation is gonna be a part of the frontier that distinguishes humans from machines.
improvisation is  the opportunity to refine and develop our ability to improvise as adults, that allows us to encounter the unknown no longer as an enemy but as an accomplice to our creativity, our growth and our authentic lives<<

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