When the things you build bring people together, it’s the best feeling in the world

>>For as long as I can remember, I’ve paid attention to how my bandmates work with the equipment they use, the session musicians I’ve met, the producers, the engineers and their studios, all because I’m interested in the whole process. That exploration, education, and constant gear talk has helped me contribute more and more to the big picture, not only as a drummer, but as a writer and an engineer.<<

So beginnt das Interview mit Jason McGerr (Schlagzeuger, Produzent & Engineer u.a. Death Cab for Cutie) auf dem Blog der sympathischen PlugIn Schmiede Valhalla DSP.

lesen, lesen, lesen

und mit diesem Satz könnte man es hervorragend beenden:

>>I firmly believe the less obstacles one has, the easier it is to capture the purest moments of inspiration and creativity. Workflow is key!!!<<

…geht aber weiter…

>>I think that having the right amount of wrong is where inspiration and creativity comes from, as well as having limitations and time constraints.<<

oh, yeah!

>>What do you do when you need to create something but aren’t feeling creative? How do you get unstuck?
JM: Whenever I’m in a rut or not inspired in the studio, I find that one of three things always helps. The first thing is to revisit those formative albums that have had a major influence on my playing or production choices. Nostalgia is useful when you’ve lost perspective, so it’s ok to go back, not just to the Beatles, but to the records you first fell in love with and wore out as a kid, even if they sound dated to you today.
The second thing that usually helps me out of a stagnant hold is to reach out to other musicians I haven’t talked to in a while and ask what they’ve been practicing, what they’ve been listening to, or whether they’ve done any recent deep dives as players or engineers – and sometimes they’re just as stuck as you! This can be comforting, to know you’re not the only one, and sometimes it you can help each other out of it.<<


>>Practice saying “No” to multiple takes and over editing yourself, because people usually want to hear and feel a real human being, not the computer’s idea of a human being. If you truly know a song well enough BEFORE you track, you should have a fairly inspired take in the first 3 tries.<<

PS. Jason McGerr ist auch ein Echodrummer! (Hier mit dem aktuellen Space Echo „Echo Fix„)

besser gesagt: „Freund des Effekts“ im Allgemeinen!

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