Dance Hats

Ich begab mich neulich mal auf die Suche nach dem Erfinder des Ridecup-Offbeat-Patterns, jetzt lobe ich Earl Young für seinen Prototyp DER Dance-Hats (geöffnete Offbeat-Hihats).

The Fantastic Johnny C. „Waitin‘ for the Rain“ und Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes „The Love I lost“ (beide 1973)

>>The song began life as a ballad, but the session wasn’t working until producer Kenny Gamble told the musicians to let rip and crank up the tempo. [Drummer Earl] Young unleashed a war dance on the kick drum with a shuffle on the snare, but instead of echo- ing this pattern on the cymbals, he used a trick he had first used a few months earlier on an obscure record by Fantastic Johnny C, ›Waitin’ for the Rain‹. Picking up a thing or two from jazz drummer Max Roach, Young accented the off-beats using the open hi-hat. The result was the hissing hi-hat sound that has dominated dance music ever since this record was first released in 1973.<<
Peter Shapiro „Turn The Beat Around. The Secret History of Disco“

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    […] Earl Young laying down the Dance-Hat prototype […]

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