in the pocket

RIP Paul Jackson. Morgen werde ich mich in ein wohliges Bad deiner Basslines legen!

Chameleon Key-Solo (Head Hunters, 1973), Palm Grease und Actual Proof (Thrust, 1974), Hang Up Your Hangups (Flood, 1975), Wild Rice (Marching in the Streets, 1975), Inside You (Heritage, 1976), Gentle Thoughts (Secrets, 1976), I Don’t Want To Leave You, I Just Came To Say Good-Bye (Spaced, 1977), Just A Matter Of Time (Before The Beat Gets Your Mind) (Feel the Heat, 1977), Come Running to me (Sunlight, 1978), Hip Skip (The Joy of Flying, 1979), Moon (Runnin‘ to your love, 1979), Parkay Man (You’ll never know, 1980)

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