what is it?

This is my compilation of various drum grooves, drum sounds & drum textures that got their „mojo“ from electronical effect devices, especially from various delay pedals. Although most of the examples where initially recorded for album productions (i.e. of Hellmut Hattler, Tab Two, Nils Wülker, DePhazz, A Coral Room) or to „illustrate“ my workshops of the german „drums&percussion“ mag, they now have been mixed to a colourful background music (or teaser) for my upcoming book „Echodrums – Anders trommeln dank Strom & Effekten“ (LEU-Verlag, VÖ tba).

Explore and enjoy:
a beat in between a beat, add on, ADT, analog delay, bbd, chorus, daw, digital delay, doubling, drumming with stompboxes, dub, echodrums, equalizer, experimental, feedback, filter, fill-in, flanger, gate, glue, granular, layer, loop, mute, noise, oscillation, phasing, plugin, predelay, processed sound, question&answer, reverb shot, reverse, rewind, space, splapback, stutter, tape delay, vocoder echos

Eine Antwort to “what is it?”

  1. Oli Says:

    Habe neulich im FB diesen Link zu einem Artikel von Ulli Boegershausen „Not afraid of streaming or Welcome Spotify“ entdeckt, der Spotify als Chance begreift. Etwa eine Art „KLF The Manual“ für Streamingdienste?

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