an outdoorsy but echoey sound


Ich war am alten Deluxe Memory Man dran. Aber nachdem ich auf der Soundgas Seite diesen neugierigmachenden Satz gelesen hatte

>>From subtle slapback to shimmery showers of cascading echoes, this pedal really does live up to the hype. Alternatively you can ramp up the Chorus and for that queasy ‘seasick’ Boards Of Canada effect.<<

bin ich direkt zum Musikhören übergegangen. Und habe bei Boards Of Canada nicht nur den rhythmisierten Diaprojektor („Kid for Today„), sondern auch Idee des „outdoorsy but echoey sounds“ entdeckt:
>>Although traditional effects aren’t generally in the formula — Boards of Canada does employ homemade items such as Eoin’s DIY Leslie effect, created by mounting a mic inside a rotating ice-cream tub — they do occasionally have their place. “One of the things we’re often aiming at is an anechoic sound that gives the impression of being outdoors, so we use little or no reflection effects unless it’s for something specific,” Sandison says. “So if you want an outdoorsy but echoey sound, you should just make the low frequencies echo; that way, it resembles real outdoor environments.”<< [Quelle]


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