Mike Dalitot: „I’m confident the history of music can be divided into ‚before sidechain compression‘ and ‚after sidechain compression‘. I think sidechaining is a perfect mirror image of what’s going on in society right now. It’s an analogy to a society of market criers. A struggle for survival of sounds. […]“

Stefan Goldmann: „Just like Facebook posts.“

Mike Dalitot: „Me! Me! Me! […] Sound design once freed you from thinking about harmonic relations, now sidechaining further frees you from arranging elements spectrally. Instead, a hierachy is established in which the kick drum is God. […]
This kind of sidechaining was theoretically possible sixty years ago. And it’s interessting that it became prevalent only now.

Stefan GoldmannPresets – Shortcuts to Sound“ (2015, The Bookworm, Seite 89)


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