Stockhausen Strategies

Brian Eno und Peter Schmidt bastelten eine Kartenspiel („Oblique Strategies„), Matthew Herbert verfasste sein „Personal Contract for the Composition of Music„. Und Karlheinz Stockhausen spricht in „Hymnen“:

>>Hide what you compose in what you hear.
Cover what you hear.
Place something next to what you hear.
Place something far away from what you hear.
Support what you hear.
Continuo for a long time an event you hear.
Transform an event until it becomes unrecognizable
Transform an event that you hear into the one you composed last.
Compose what you expect to come next.
Compose often, but also listen for long periods to what is already
composed, without composing.
Mix all these instructions.
Increasingly accelerate the current of your intuition.<<


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