It’s gonna rain

Steve Reichs Bandschleifen-Techno anno 1965/1966

Und zwei Jahre zuvor gab es Terry Rileys Pre-Dub aus Frankreich.

>>It was in Paris, in 1963, earning a living playing boogie-woogie piano at American military bases, that Riley was asked by the director, Ken Dewey, to compose something for a theatre piece called The Gift. Chet Baker had just been released from jail in Italy, so Riley took him to the studios of the French national radio and had his band play Miles Davis’s ‘So What’, recording them both individually and as a group. Then he mixed the tapes down, letting the different parts run out of phase with each other, creating tape loops and delay effects on the fly.<<

Eine Antwort to “It’s gonna rain”

  1. Minimalismus, Pop und einer der ersten Remixe | E-BEATS Says:

    […] der Time Lag Accumulator (TLA) aus dem Jahr 1963, der in das großartige Werk „Music for the Gift“ mündete, in dem eine „So what“ Aufnahme des gerade aus dem Gefängnis […]

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