reading shouldn’t frighten you

>>I tell drummers this analogy: If you remember the first time you drove a car, you were scared. Within a matter of weeks, you’re turning on the radio, waving at friends – you’re not even thinking. It’s no different with drums. Reading shouldn’t frighten you. It’s the easiest thing in the world. It’ just mathematics. Once you learn to read drum music, as soon as you see a certain pattern written, you know exactly what it is. Sure, the first time you may want to go “1e&a 2″.” But by the third of fourth time you’ll know it perfectly. And when you learn those patterns, they become second-nature.<<
Hal Blaine, Modern Drummer

Ich verbeuge mich vor 35000 Aufnahmen in 90 Lebensjahren und höre mir sein Lehrwerk aus dem Jahr 1968 mit dem tollen Titel „Have Fun!!! Play Drums!!! an



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    reading shouldn’t frighten you | E-BEATS

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