Cure White Noise

Durch Zufall erblickte ich in der YouTube-Nächstes-Lied-Spalte ein 81er-Cure Livemitschnitt von „A Forest“, auf dessen Vorschaubild eindeutig ein Drumsynth* aus Lol Tolhurts Rototom-Wald herausstach, der für astreines Weisses Rauschen (z.B. bei 1.32′) gebraucht wurde.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-02-26 um 22.03.09

Wow – da muss ich direkt gegenchecken mit dem Drumsound des dazugehörigen Studioalbums „Seventeen Seconds“ von 1980:
>>“It really was the drum sound that largely defined the album’s sonic direction,“ continues Hedges, whose assistant Mike Dutton was credited as co-engineer. „The C-ducer contact mic had just arrived on the scene at that time, and after testing it in another studio I decided to mic the entire drum kit with C-ducers. I had initially tested the mic on other instruments, not drums, but then when I briefly tested it on drums I thought ‚God, they sound fantastic like that.‘ There’s absolutely no spill between the different drums when you use a C-ducer — each drum is completely separate. Every part of the kit was therefore miked with C-ducers — kick, snare, hi-hat, three or four Rototoms and two crash cymbals — and this gave us a very, very contained drum sound with no space at all. Everything is right up close, there’s no ambience whatsoever, and we then used reverbs and delays to give us the shapes and the sizes. I think the fact that the drums had such little ambience and were so sterile and cold really set up the mood we loved.
„Having recorded the cymbals this way, we also did cymbal overdubs because we wanted a very, very heavily compressed sound that had total sustain. You can hear that on a couple of songs, including ‚Play For Today‘ — when the cymbals crash there’s a click followed by a long, long sustaining cymbal, which is three 1176 compressors in a row. It hisses for about 20 seconds.“<< Quelle: Soundonsound/Classic Tracks

* letztlich wares es wohl drei separate Drumsynthesizer mit intergrierter Schlagfläche: zwei JHS SD-1 Pro-Rhythm Drum Synths, und eine Syndrum Synare-3X (?) aus deren Preset-Menü das Weisse Rauschen hätte kommen können:



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