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Over the years, I've made an attempt to manually sort all of my posts on Twitter. I've thought of making them into some kind of easy to use database for creative people who are working to reconcile what leadership is all about. But each time I try to do that, my attention is diverted to getting something else done. And each time I lose the master file on my computer, so I am lucky to keep a printout once in a while. When I stumble upon the printed form, I can refer to them myself, and I find the microposts useful because I can remember something important to me that I realized in the past. I mean, I forget A LOT. So my printed "diaries" can often help me break from repeating patterns that I already learned the secret to breaking out of. This Dan Wieden-ism is particularly good: "Encourage your team to fail (get it wrong) a few times first, as the way to get it right sooner." So true.

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Ich hänge noch einen eben gelesenen Micropost aus dem Haffner-Roman dran: >>Ob als Weltmeister oder nicht, komm gesund wieder.<< („Carl Haffners Liebe zum Unentschieden“ Seite 100)

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