Mushrooms and Beatboxes

>>thanks for enquiering me about those Can tracks. Well, all we did was playing while I was playing too and recording at the same time. Mushroom …. I had an old bass speaker and a guitar speaker which were connected to the tape machine. While recording we played the recording back from the Repro head which caused a delay and blew the result back into the microphones. We instantly listened back while we were recording. That was all.
Halleluwah was recorded by prerecorded drums and bass plus rhythm guitar, the rest was done by 2 overdubs – apart from heavy editing the tape of course.
Hope I could help you with those little details.
Enjoy what you do!
Holger [Czukay]<<

Vom selben Album „Tago Mago“ (1971) hier die Peking Oper mit Beatbox


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