recieved wisdom

Ethan Iverson spielt Klavier bei The Bad Plus, schreibt aber auch interessante Blogbeiträge.
In dem Artikel Received Wisdom (Jeff Goldblum, chord scales, the iReal Book, and Kamasi Washington) geht es um Licht und Schatten der Wissensvermittlung, konkret um die Weitergabe von Ideen über Regeln hin zum vermeintlich Goldenen Gral der Jazzimprovisation, die Akkordskalen.

Meine Liebelingssätze daraus, quasi die Gliederung, die in Iversons Beitrag selbst mit Beispielen befüllt wird.
>>It’s very important to get information from the source. From the masters. From those who truly understand the aesthetics of the genre at hand.<<

>>Received wisdom is, “Common knowledge that is held to be true, but may not be.”<<

>>After all these years of jazz education, the sound of chord scales disconnected from bebop and the blues has inexorably crept into the fabric of common-practice jazz. The best players always manage to generate their own melodic folklore<<

>>The problem is that no master ever played any changes of any song without consulting the melody first. The melody is the song. The song dictates the aesthetic. Once in a while even the lyrics can be helpful.<<

>>So, dear NEC students of mine, if you are looking to have a career in this music that goes beyond the academy, it might be relevant to keep checking out the source material, not the textbooks.<<


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