50+25 Crucial Jazz Drumming Recordings

Ich habe gerade die kommentierte Modern Drummer Liste 50 Crucial Jazz Drumming Recordings entdeckt und steige mit der Ordnungsnummer 16 ein:

16. Miles Davis Milestones (Philly Joe Jones, 1958)
“Tony Williams supposedly said that you could learn everything you need to know about jazz from this record,” Paul Wells shares. “And I know that trumpeter Wallace Roney said that Tony could sing every solo and bass line on it. It’s a perfect jazz record, and Philly just slays on it. Interestingly, he plays the entire record with just one tom-tom.”

Und dort gibt es dann die zweite Liste, 50 Crucial Jazz Drumming Recordings Part 2.


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    […] Auch spannend „Crucial Jazz Drumming Recordings„ […]

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