Percussion Enhancement

Sterloid aka Aaron Sterling hat viele tolle Ideen, die folgende schreibe ich gar komplett aus seinem Instagram Post ab:
>>Find a loop. It doesn’t matter if it’s even that good. Then run it through one of these tiny shitty speakers. Then play some percussion or something acoustic onto a mic with that average loop playing through the shitty speaker in the background, thus becoming re-recorded with low fidelity (in a good way, especially if you distance it strategically in relation to the mic). It’s a nice way to enhance an otherwise “normal” sounding percussion part and a good exercise in commitment.<<

Bin vermutlich bald fällig für die „Sounds of Sterloid Pt.2„, zumal >>there are also two different segments dedicated to the use of guitar pedals with drums and how Aaron integrates them in all sorts of ways, from the subtle and musical to the bold and destructive<<.

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