the invitation to literally invent

Gary Husband schreibt seinen persönlichen Nachruf zum Tod von Allan Holdsworth im FB auf: >>Yesterday I received the most devastating news of the passing of my spiritual and musical brother Allan Holdsworth. And along with that news came the realisation I had now witnessed the conclusion of the last chapter of probably what will always be known by me as the most significant musical relationship of my life. The journey that began in the later 1970s in a studio in London – a first time ever trial playing situation for us – where time and space seemed to evaporate and give vent to suddenly this otherworldly, uncannily effortless, intense communication and empathy of the nature and height I could have only dreamt possible. I remember wondering afterwards, as we were packing our gear, if we’d ever reach that again or even get to play together once more.
And it did. And we did. And though the albums IOU, Metal Fatigue, Atavachron, Sand, Wardencliffe Tower, Then, Hard Hat Area etc, that serve to document the handful of decades we were able to develop together, I have vivid memories, still, of the experiences of many incredible improvisational musical heights together, in many live settings, of the kind I will not experience the like of again.
With Allan I had the invitation to literally invent. I knew it was totally unique music. Yet strangely it was music I felt – almost as naturally as if it had come through me.
The unique harmony, the unique signature pushes & pulls in tempo, the pauses and the inherent rubato, up alongside all the straighter grooves that all felt so completely natural to me I was mystified at so much of the confused reaction the music provoked in people. I had no idea why it was regarded convoluted, complex or unusual.
So not only was this the most comfortable playing situation for me I also was afforded the luxury to approach and form all drum approaches to the pieces from my own imagination. Occasionally I’d come up with something, and I’d quickly know if it wasn’t an instant success. But mostly it was. And little was said, virtually nothing ever rehearsed, and it just all got recorded that way and performed that way while expanded upon live.
IOU was to essentially document as good as possible version of pieces we had been performing for a good while. But from Unmerry-Go-Round – the wonderful piece where I worked alongside Allan to form the rhythmic structure – it was about an approach to drum composition – how the drums worked conceptually – as much as it was also the playing side of things. This started to really expand particularly on the recordings for the albums Atavachron and Sand.
I would love to elaborate on all these periods. Perhaps in the form of a book sometime. […]<<

Ich höre jetzt noch die Platten durch, deren Überschriften mir am besten gefallen:

Allan Holdsworth „Metal Fatigue“ (1985)

Gong „Gazeuse!“ bzw. „Expresso“ in den USA (1976)

The New Tony Williams Lifetime „Believe It“ (1975)

The New Tony Williams Lifetime „Million Dollar Legs“ Track: „What you do to me“ (1976)

Und Ali Neander schreibt ebenfalls im FB schön dazu:
>>Jetzt beginnt also die Geschichtsschreibung….Leute,hört Euch das nochmal richtig an.Lasst uns diesen Typ feiern,diesen seltsamen Schrat, der anders und unfassbarer war als alle Anderen….und das als Aufforderung verstehen alle etwas eigenartiger, individueller und interessanter zu werden.<<

Allan Holdsworth „Low Level, High Stakes“ (1993)


3 Antworten to “the invitation to literally invent”

  1. Oli Says:

    PS. thinking of chords as members of a family…

  2. Udo Matthias Says:

    i like the work of allan so much. what a great „art painter“.

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