>>“We started using sequencing and stuff on [Steely Dan’s] Gaucho,“ replies Fagen, „out of desperation really. We were having trouble laying down ‚Hey Nineteen‘. We tried it with two different bands and it still didn’t work, so one of us said something like ‚It’s too bad that we can’t get a machine to play the beat we want, with full-frequency drum sounds, and to be able to move the snare drum and kick drum around independently.‘ Roger [Nichols] replied ‚I can do that.‘ This was back in 1978 or something, so we said ‚You can do that???‘ To which he said ‚Yes, all I need is $150,000.‘ So we gave him the money out of our recording budget, and six weeks later he came in with this machine and that is how it all started.“<< [Donald Fagen in SoundOnSound, 2006]


So beginnt vor knapp vierzig Jahren die Geschichte des Wendel, dem ersten digitalen Drum-Replacement-Tool.

Robert Nichols: >>We found that there were certain feels that we couldn’t get out of real drummers — they weren’t steady enough. So we had to design something that would do it perfectly, but with some human feeling, the right amount of layback. Instead of just one high-hat sound that repeats machine-like over and over, we had sixteen different ones, so it had the inflections. Wendel can play exactly what the drummer plays — if he plays a little early or a little hard, Wendel plays it a little early or a little hard. Play it once, Wendel memorizes the song, then you play it again and it repeats what it hears.<< [1993, Quelle]

Hier noch ein Spruch aus der Bedienungsanleitung des weiterentwickelten Wendel Jr. (1984):
>>WENDELjr is NOT another drum machine. WENDELjr is a state of the art, digital, percussion sound replacement device. That is, the basic function is to replace the horrible drum sounds produced by any ‚drum machine‘, and replace drum sounds already recorded on tape, whether they were produced by a machine or a real drummer.

There is no need to use pre-delayed triggers with WENDELjr’s trigger input. The trigger response time is so quick (total trigger delay does not exceed 32 microseconds), that in many cases the new drum sound may appear as if it were happening early. In addition to the ultra- fast triggering, the drum sound can be tuned over a 2 octave range from the front panel control.<<

Dennoch schlußfolgerte Mr. Fagen in oben erwähnten Interview:
>> It took so long. It got a little better during The Nightfly, but it was so horrible, I have tried to figure out how to get out of sampling ever since.“<<

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