Diese runde Beitragsnummer wurde für die MPC-3000 reserviert. Damit erinnere ich an die letzte Roger Linn/Akai Sampling-Workstation aus dem Jahre 1987 und ihren Großmeister J Dilla – Grooveästhet & Forschergeist:

>>By the time he mastered his craft on machines such as E-MU’s SP-1200 and Akai’s MPC3000, J Dilla could have written his own manuals for all of them. Not bad for somebody who never read a single one himself. His extensive self-taught knowledge of the MPC3000 combined with the sampler’s immense capabilities led Dilla to develop a style all his own. Dilla flipped the script on how drum machines were used just as drastically as he flipped his samples. Instead of using the technology beneath his fingertips to quantize perfectly played patterns as so many others producers do, Dilla used his MPC to capture the flaws and flubs found in imperfect performances of live music. This technique caught the ear of renowned DJ and Roots drummer ?uestlove, who noticed Dilla was on to something big. „My mission to get accepted by the hip-hop nation was to sound synthetic like a drum machine, to sound like a sample“ he says. „His approach was to sound as sloppy as a real musician. But it was so sloppy, I know he wasn’t doing it by accident.“<< [Quelle]


intern Weiterfeiern: 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 10 Jahre

PS. das alte Roland SDD-3000 bleibt nicht unerwähnt

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