Tony’s Snare

>>Visconti used the H910 while recording Bowie’s “Low,” where it was used to create a snare drum sound that descended downwards, with the amount of pitch bend determined by how hard Dennis Davis hit the snare:

The snare sound also has some sort of gating on it, but you can clearly hear the Harmonizer on the first snare hits. The H910 was set to a downshift setting of around -1 semitone, and the feedback was turned up to get the quick delays that shoot down in pitch.<<

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2 Antworten to “Tony’s Snare”

  1. Neues aus der Facebook-University | E-BEATS Says:

    […] Aufforderung an Alle im Studio nicht so spießig zu sein<< und verlinkt dieses Video, in dem Tony Visconti David Bowies “Heroes” Spur für Spur zerlegt. Ein Hoch auf das Studio als […]

  2. Let’s Dance | E-BEATS Says:

    […] gated snare reverb. It was the crushing beat of Let’s Dance, as well of the Eighties. While Visconti’s Harmonizer-altered drums on Low was a predecessor of the sound,4 the “classic” Eighties gated snare was developed concurrently […]

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