The Joey Waronker Sound Approach

Joey Waronker (>>I’m thinking of the sound and tone. I was never drawn to the hard-hitting thing. Even when I was in a rock band in my early twenties, the sound we ended up going for didn’t involve bashing the snare. There’s more control of the sound and the feel.<<) macht mich gerade neugierig auf sein Trio Ultraísta (>>[the] fine line between something that’s repetitive and annoying and something that puts you in a trance<<), auf den Instrumentenerfinder Harry Partch, sowie auf die Drummer Steve Hodges (>>he would have a crazy mishmash of sounds with a few pieces of metal or detuned timpani.<<) und Hal Blaine (>>a cloth hanging over the rim of the snare<<)

[Zitate aus Modern Drummer June 2013 Joey Waronker Interview by Michael Dawson]

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