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>>There was another example of that kind of feel/perception thing. I was associated with a band called Christine in the Attic who used a lot of programmed percussion effects that were additional bits to the basic rhythm. People would come and see the band live, and because they saw that the drummer wasn’t actually playing these parts, they felt it was flat and mechanical. As opposed to either getting extra members to play the part or dropping the parts altogether, which to me were integral to the sound, I went out and bought two six-foot metal tubes. The next time they played live I set them up on mic stands on either side of the drums and taped two wires coming off the back end of each of one. I told the drummer, „When you’re not actually playing the drum parts, make it seem like your playing the other parts on these.“ All of a sudden the comments we got were, „Now that he’s playing those parts, it has so much more feeling“. Purley perception. He was playing nothing more than he’d always played.<<

Ken ScottAbbey Road to Ziggy Stardust“ (Alfred 2012) Seite 299



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