like Van Halen without having the technical chops to achieve it

…oder doch eher: krautig, kraftwerkesk und mit diversen elektronischen Trommelgeräuschen und Basteleien von Sebastian Thomson. Die Trans Am „Futureworld“ von 1999 ist jedenfalls ne schicke Scheibe. Dass ich sie in einem Laden namens „Echobeat“ erstanden habe, freut mich besonders…

Seb Thomson aka Publicist trommelt aber auch clubbige Soloshows, das Schlagzeug in mitten der Crowd plus Vocoder-Gesang. Organic Electro Beats…

Hier noch ein Ausschnitt seiner Sound-und Travel-Philosophy:

>>As long as the stands (and throne!) work, honestly I’m much more concerned about the PA and the sound person than I am about the kit. With 10 minutes of tuning and with the triggers* and moongels** I can get any kit to work for me. But the PA and soundman is not something I have control over so I usually like to have a nice chat with him or her and a decent sound check.<<

*>>[The triggers on the kick and snare] are hooked up to a drum module that generates electronic kick and snare sounds whenever I hit those drums. I use those because a) I want my drum parts to sound slightly synthetic and b) I don’t travel with a sound man and this way I can have a consistent good kick sound no matter what drum or mic or PA I use.<<

**>>I’m making club music, and in any kind of club music (except maybe for drum and bass which I am not doing) a ring-y snare just gets in the way. In fact the snare is demoted in club music and is secondary to the kick. Think of disco records, the snare is always dead and deep. So with the four moon gels I can get that sound, plus when I’m traveling it almost doesn’t matter what snare I use.<<

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