Snare Rush

>>Snare rush is a term often used in intelligent dance music culture to refer to impossibly fast rolls. A snare rush can vary in tempo considerably, from 16th notes to even 2048th notes. At that sort of speed, the effect is a buzzing sound, but with a detectable pitch, so some artists vary the repeat rate, and can even play a tune. […] The defining characteristic of a snare rush, as opposed to a roll, is the sheer virtuosity it takes for a physical drummer to play a successful one. As such, almost all snare rushes are computer-generated. Snare rushes are also seldom restricted to the snare drum, and can be used with bass drums, tom-toms and cymbals to intense effect. They are often used as fills, alongside complex programmed breakbeats. Snare rushes are also often run through analog or dsp effects together with variations in volume, such as an filters or pitch shifting. […]<<

3 Antworten to “Snare Rush”

  1. was sind e-Beats (2) « E-BEATS Says:

    […] gerne mehrere Takte, oder gar knapp über das bestehende 4 oder 8 taktige Schema hinaus; Snare Rush – Feel: Maschine vs. Human Touch, Schaffel – Das Kick-Pattern teilt die Genres ein: in Four on the […]

  2. Bassdrum-Einsatz als Höhepunkt « E-BEATS Says:

    […] Energie stimmlich ausgeglichen wird. 1A Hinführung zur Four-on-the Floor mit dem (gebrochenen) Snare-Rush. Achtelbass = immer gut. Schließlich noch etwas dezente Eurodance-Flair und irgendwie fühle ich […]

  3. volles Sommerloch « E-BEATS Says:

    […] die Wartezeit zu verkürzen, dachte ich an einen langsam hochtankenden Beckenwirbel und an Thom […]

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