Matthew Herbert’s PCCOM Manifest

>>Mit so einem Manifest (PCCOM, siehe unten) in meinem Kopf habe ich angefangen, Musik zu machen. Bei Wishmountain, der ersten elektronischen Musik, die ich gemacht habe, ging das ungefähr so – nimm acht Sounds von einem Objekt, keine Synthesizer, keine Presets, eine Länge von vier bis fünf Minuten, minimale Effekte – ich habe manche dieser Regeln später in Dr. Rockit inkorportiert. Herbert wurde separat großgezogen. Von da aus war ich aber irgendwann an einem Punkt angelangt, an dem ich mich zwingen musste, dorthin zurückzukehren, von wo ich begonnen habe. Also habe ich das Manifest als persönlichen Vertrag publiziert, damit ich es verteidigen muss und mich daran halte. All die neueren Sachen auf dem Album wurden so produziert.<< 21.05.2001


1. The use of sounds that exist already is not allowed. Subject to article 2. In particular:
1. No drum machines.
2. All keyboard sounds must be edited in some way: no factory presets or pre-programmed patches are allowed.
2. Only sounds that are generated at the start of the compositional process or taken from the artist’s own previously unused archive are available for sampling.
3. The sampling of other people’s music is strictly forbidden.
4. No replication of traditional acoustic instruments is allowed where the financial and physical possibility of using the real ones exists.
5. The inclusion, development, propagation, existence, replication, acknowledgement, rights, patterns and beauty of what are commonly known as accidents, is encouraged. Furthermore, they have equal rights within the composition as deliberate, conscious, or premeditated compositional actions or decisions.
6. The mixing desk is not to be reset before the start of a new track in order to apply a random eq and fx setting across the new sounds. Once the ordering and recording of the music has begun, the desk may be used as normal.
7. All fx settings must be edited: no factory preset or pre-programmed patches are allowed.
8. Samples themselves are not to be truncated from the rear. Revealing parts of the recording are invariably stored there.
9. A notation of sounds used to be taken and made public.
10. A list of technical equipment used to be made public.
11. optional: Remixes should be completed using only the sounds provided by the original artist including any packaging the media was provided in.
MATTHEW HERBERT 27-11-00/updated 05-06-03

P.C.C.O.M. Turbo Extreme

All rules of pccom apply, plus the following additions:
1. Once the subject of the track is established, only sounds directly related to that topic may be used. For example: if the track is about coffee, only sounds made by coffee farmers and their relatives; cups and spoons; milk; colombia etc, may be included.
2. finished tracks written under the terms of pccom turbo extreme may not be licenced to anything that is contradictory to the intention of the music.
3. Remixes will not be done with sounds used in the original. New noises on the same theme must be generated by the third party.
4. As much technical information shall be provided in order for others to reproduce the intention of the track, and to underscore the structural integrity of the work.
5. The piece shall endeavour to be good. Mediocrity is not an acceptable conclusion.

5 Antworten to “Matthew Herbert’s PCCOM Manifest”

  1. marcosz Says:

    Yo, cool. That’s the way I like it. Matthew Herbert ist klasse und ich bin mal auf heute abend gespannt! No samples. No klicks.

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